Our host congregations provide safe shelter and encouragement to homeless families.  Because we have 14 host churches, our congregations have the opportunity to serve about once per quarter.  It is beautiful to see churches coming together to serve and show hospitality to those in need!

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Contact: Jimmy Dennis, primary coordinator 

Church Address: 6610 Vaughn Road Montgomery, AL 36116 

Church Phone:272-6152 Web site:  

Capitol Heights United Methodist Church

Contacts: Kim Moore, primary coordinator

Church Address: 2000 Winona Avenue Montgomery, AL 36107 

Church phone: 264-2464 Web site:


Christ Church

Contact: Melissa Leisy , primary coordinator

Church Address: 8800 Vaughn Rd Montgomery AL 36117

Church Phone: 387-0566         Web:


Church of The Ascension

Contact: Mildred Wakefield , primary coordinator

Address: 312 Clanton Ave.
Montgomery, Al 36104

Church Phone: 263-5529 

Church of the Holy Spirit

Contacts: Maureen Neighbors,primary coordinator Email:

Church Address:8570 Vaughn Rd  Montgomery, AL 36117

Church Phone: 277-5631 Web:


First Christian Church

Contact: Kelly Colson, primary coordinator 

Address: 1705 Taylor Road
Montgomery, AL 36117 

Church Phone: 270-1320


First United Methodist Church

Contact: Katherine Crum , primary coordinator

Address: 2416 W. Cloverdale Park
Montgomery, AL 36106 

Church Phone: 834-8990

Heritage Baptist Church

Contact:  Janet Wheat, primary coordinator Email:

Church Address: 1849 Perry Hill Road Montgomery, AL 36106                     

Church Phone: 279-9976 Web:


Saint James UMC

Contact: Brandy Tiblier, primary coordinator

Email: Church Address: 9045 Vaughn Road Montgomery, AL 36117 

Church Phone: 277-3037 Web:


St. Johns Episcopal Church

Contact: Debbie Schremser, primary coordinator

Address: 112 Madison Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104

Church Phone: 262-1937


Southside Church of Christ

Contacts: Essie Woodson, primary coordinator                                              Email: 

Address: 3388 S Hull St            Montgomery, AL 36105

Church Phone: (334) 263-0041                      Web:


Trinity Presbyterian Church

Contacts: Jayme Teague or Tom Danielson Email:  Email: 

Address:1728 South Hull Street Montgomery, AL 36104

Church Phone: 263-3892 Web:


Vaughn Park Church of Christ

Contacts: Thierry & Tina Swinson, primary coordinators            Email:

Address: 3800 Vaughn Road  Montgomery, AL 36111

Church Phone: 272-2665  Web:

Whitfield Memorial United Methodist

Contacts: Nancy Allen,  primary coordinator

Address:2673 Fisk Road          Montgomery, AL 36106

Church Phone: 281-2467 Web:

 How about your church? Please contact Jayme to see how your church can help!